The Institute of Motivational Intelligence

IMI collaborates with thousands of individuals and institutions around the world to advance research, certify experts and forward ambitious projects.

  • Cutting-edge research
  • Professional development
  • Community events
  • Youth education programs
  • Educational resources

Research Partnerships

Advancement of the field is built upon joint studies and research by leading organizations and academic institutions.

International Network

The motivational intelligence community is comprised of thousands of individuals and organizations.

Economic Solutions

Proven applications to solved major economic and business challenges.

Certification & Accreditation

The IMI provides professional development certifications in Human Resources and Training Facilitation.

Advancing the Field

The Motivational Intelligence Podcast

This podcast takes listeners inside the minds of the world’s most extraordinary people, as they detail how they accomplished the impossible and became world-class in their field.

The IMI Review

The world’s leading publication in the field of motivational intelligence, with articles, research studies and stories from guest contributors around the globe.

Research Advancement

Partnering with the best minds in psychology, human performance and academia to advance our collective understanding of the power of the mind.

Youth Education

Connecting K-12 educators with the resources and expertise to transform communities, and the children who live in them.


Recognizing the thought leading organizations and individuals utilizing motivational intelligence to improve their communities and organizations.

Community Events

Providing free educational events for communities around the world, with the help of our sponsors and partners.

An international footprint.

From the IMI Review

The Secret to Your Organization’s Innovation

The Power to Create Although more than 86 years have gone by since his last breath, much of today’s modern life conveniences owe their origin to the innovative spirit of Thomas Edison. With more than 1,090 patents to his creative ledger (the incandescent bulb, cement, phonograph, motion picture camera, the curling iron – to name…

Steer Your Life with Conscious Purpose

Are you thinking right? Within your body you have seven octillion atoms that merge together to create the 3 billion base pairs of DNA that make you uniquely you. These pairs of DNA have built you into a truly magnificent marvel of science. They have laid the foundation for a structural system of 206 bones…

Mastering the Language of Millennials

It was wheels up and we were just barely through the cloud ceiling at 10,000 feet, heading to Las Vegas – my final destination. I was to share the following day with 100+ salespeople and sales managers from one of our clients in the hospitality industry. A little distracted, as I visualized the meeting I…